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Re: Favorite Pokemon Movie?

See, it's really tricky for me to pick an actual favourite because I love all the movies one way or another (maybe not always because they were good, I'm fond of a good number of them just because I have good memories of watching them growing up). I'd say it'll be easier for me to pick a top five th...
by Demelza
Forum: General Pokémon Discussion
Topic: Favorite Pokemon Movie?
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Re: Hello!

Heya Moonguss, nice to see you around here. :)
by Demelza
Forum: Pallet Town
Topic: Hello!
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Heya! :)

Welcome threads are always tough things. It's always hard knowing what to say and what not too...I guess I better just go with a few simple things. :) I'm 17 and live in the south east of the UK (the warmest, but very worst part of the UK to travel around I find!), currently in my last year of colle...
by Demelza
Forum: Pallet Town
Topic: Heya! :)
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