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Pokémon Center in Paris

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PWUK Trainer Level 6

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Hey all,

they've opened a temporary Pokémon Center in Paris, as you might have heard, and the opening day was yesterday!

I really wish I'd been there, but anyway, some of the French media even talked about it so I wanted to share the video with you guys as that's pretty cool ^^

I hope the smashing success of the Paris Center will encourage The Pokémon Company to do the same in other big European cities (London please?), and maybe eventually they could even open a permanent center in Paris (this one's open only till 21st June).

In the meantime hope you enjoy the video.

For more info and fan reports on the French Pokémon Center you can look at these 2 websites (all in French but I'm sure Google Translate can do something for you ;-)

Alternately, Junichi Masuda has been tweeting about it all day yesterday (Bing can auto-translate the Tweets if needed)

Now I will just get back to crossing my fingers for them to do the same in London ;-) See ya later!
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Would have been really nice if they'd brought something like this to London, but ah well. Nintendo Everything has a nice selection of pictures right here if anyone wants to see even more of the Center. :)

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I hope to go there sometime soon, was invited next week but with the England game on I just don't feel like it at the moment.

Would people be up for a PWUK Visit to the center? Like a meetup then travel there? :)

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PWUK Owner

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I've been meaning to look into going to Paris to go see it, just havnt got around to it yet :P

A meetup might be a good idea, but might be quite short notice
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PWUK Trainer Level 6

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I'd love to go but at such short notice, Eurostar tickets are really expensive, it'd cost way more just to get there than to actually buy the stuff! Also they now seem to be limiting the number of items people can buy because the goodies are getting sold out super fast.

The Pokémon Company are apparently working on replenishing stocks, they didn't anticipate to have such huge success with the Paris Center, but I hope that by the time you get there - if you go -it'll have been sorted.
(here's the source for that bit of news too: )

Also Masuda was only there on the opening day, so I guess I'm just better off sticking to Tokyo Toy store in London and forget about that Pokéball Vivillion.

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PWUK Trainer Level 14

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Hope they do one in the UK along with that pokeball vivillion (even though I find the pokemon a bit girly myself) would be awesome. Nintendo games and products are always more popular in france then any other European nation (info from so this makes perfect sense. I hope all this pokemon attention comes to Europe very soon! :D
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Oh yes,please one for the UK.US have their Nintendo world and now France with their Pokemon center.Nintendo,please give the UK some love.

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PWUK Trainer Level 12

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I went on opening week. I have loads of photos of the art gallery on my facebook.

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