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Changes To Staff Here

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Changes To Staff Here at PWUK

With the announcement of a new Global Moderator position opening here I am pleased to announce two other changes to staff here at PWUK.

The first is that IceArceus has been promoted to Administrator of the forums. With his dedication to the site and all the help he gives, he thoroughly deserves it and this enables him to continue to help the site and shape its future. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

The second change is that nationspokemon has been given a position on our news team, reporting on any news that comes up related to the site. I wish him good luck with his new responsibility.

Join with me in welcoming them both to their new roles here.

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Welcome to your new roles, happy people!

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Congrats to IceArceus and nationspokemon. I look forward to seeing how you both do in your new roles. :)

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