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View the latest post Pokemon TGC New Expansion XY-Phantom Forces

Coming on November the 5th the Pokémon TCG has a new expansion coming out called the XY—Phantom Forces, featuring new and powerful Pokémon cards including Diancie.
In the new Expansion there are well over 100 new cards to create your new more powerful deck with!

Some of the newest features to this set include :

Two Incredibly Powerful new Mega Pokémon-EX cards : Mega Gengar-EX and Mega Manectric-EX. ( I imagine there will be a tin for each of them )

7 new Pokémon-EX cards and four new Full-Art Pokémon-EX Rare Ultra cards, New Pokémon-EX cards include : Gengar-EX, Manectric-EX, Malamar-EX, Florges-EX, Dialga-EX, and Aegislash-EX

Diancie’s first ever appearance in the Pokémon TCG

Also there are 7 new “Team Flare” Trainer cards and two special “Team Flare Hyper Gear” Pokémon Tool cards. The trainer cards will feature members for the Team Flare group like "Lysandre" and "Xerosic", and for the first time ever in the Pokémon TCG the two special “Team Flare Hyper Gear” Pokémon Tool cards can be used to hinder opponent’s Pokémon!

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View the latest post Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: CoroCoro Reveals

The first images for this month's CoroCoro magazine have started to appear. The first piece of information is that Mega Gallade has been revealed. More details about this new Mega are to come.

EDIT: Mega Gallade details confirmed. It is Psychic/Fighting-type still, and has the ability Inner Focus.


Also revealed were another two new Megas, Mega Sharpedo & Mega Camerupt. Mega Sharpedo is set to have the ability Strong Jaw while Mega Camerupt is set to have Sheer Force. As for stat changes, Mega Camerupt's Speed is decreased, but every other one of its stats is increased. All of Mega Sharpedo's stats get an increase.

Image Image

More information on the Primal forms of Kyogre and Groudon were also detailed. Primal Kyogre has a new ability called Sea of Beginnings and Primal Groudon has a new ability called Land of Endings. They activate what is called Strong Rain and Strong Sunlight respectively. It is not known how different this is to normal Rain/Sunlight. Primal Groudon gains a new move called Cliff's Blade while Primal Kyogre gains what appears to be a new Water-type move, with it's name not yet revealed.

EDIT: Primal Kyogre's new move is called Origin Wave

Image Image

EDIT: Rayquaza is also said to hold a secret to Mega Evolution. It also states clarifications about the demo version of the game. You will see a Mega Evolution for the first time in this demo, and you can then transfer it, as well as items you collect, over to the main games when they are released. It is also hinted that, if you play the demo every day, something special will happen

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Trailer & English Details

Primal Kyogre's ability is Primordial Sea and it blocks Fire-type moves and changing the weather. Its move is Origin Pulse. Primal Groudon's ability is Desolate Land and it blocks Water-type moves and changing the weather. It's move is Precipice Blades. Both moves can hit multiple opponents. The new weathers are permanent but fade when the Pokémon is switched out
The demo version has also been confirmed the west.

Below is the latest video released on Pokémon's YouTube Channel

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View the latest post UK Shiny Gengar and Diancie Event Dates Confirmed

Following yesterday's announcement, the UK dates for the Shiny Gengar and (Mega) Diancie events have been released.

From October 15th to November 5th, you'll be able to obtain a Serial Code to receive a special Shiny Gengar at GAME Stores.

Next, from November 6th to November 28th, you'll be able to get a Serial Code to receive the Mythical Pokémon, Diancie.

Will you be getting this event?


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View the latest post Pokken Tournament Announced!

During the special stream of "Monthly Famitsu feat.", a new game was revealed by The Pokémon Company president, Tsunekazu Ishihara. This game is Pokkén Tournament and is in development by Bandai Namco with producers from both Tekken and Soul Calibur series. Info is being continually added so keep checking back!

It is an arcade game coming out in 2015, it was implied that there may be non-arcade release later since it is said to come first in arcades

Also, if you want to suggest a pokemon for the game you need to use this hash tag on twitter #ポッ拳 followed by the japanese name of the Pokémon

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View the latest post Mega News: Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino


The Official Korean Pokémon site has accidentally revealed Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino.

Mega Audino is a Normal/Fairy-type with the ability Healer whilst Mega Slowbro has the ability Shell Armour.

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View the latest post Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Details

The Pokémon Company International has sent out a release detailing more about the news that has come this past week. It has also confirmed that the west is to get the Shiny Beldum event from the games launch date.

Also revealed were the stat changes to the announced mega evolutions. Mega Lopunny gets an increase in its Attack & Speed stats, with Mega Salamence getting an increased Defense and Mega Altaria getting an increased Attack & Special Attack, with a smaller Defense boost.

Hordes have also been confirmed to make a return in the new games, with an added bit against trainers. Cosplay Pikachu is confirmed to be separate to normal Pikachu and is the only one that can be dressed up.

Contest Spectacular has also got a brand new feature where you can use the 3DS's camera to implant yourself into the Pokémon Contest stage. Like before, you can gain various fans as your contest successes mount, and these fans can give you various items such as berries and more. This information confirms that the creation of PokéBlocks is back as a way to improve your contest stats

Below is the new announcement trailer

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View the latest post Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire- CoroCoro Reveals

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted. This batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This reveals Mega Altaria, who is Dragon/Fairy with Pixilate and Mega Lopunny who is Normal/Fighting with Scrappy. It now knows the move High Jump Kick. Mega Salamence is also confirmed and has the ability Aerilate.

Contests are detailed. With you meeting a Contest Idol called Lucia, who will give you special clothes for participating in Pokémon Contests. You also receive a shiny Beldum through an event, where it holds its Mega Stone. It also confirms that you can change your Pikachu's cosplay for contests helping it gain special moves. They are:

Pikachu Rock Star gets the move Meteor Mash
Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain
Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss
Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash
Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press.

Image Image

Image Image

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View the latest post Pikachu Event Announced For Japan


Pokémon have revealed details about a special Pikachu event for Japan. The event will run from August 9th to August 17th in the Minato Mirai Park, Yokohama. The Pikachu will be holding an Air Balloon with the moves Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Surf and Hold Hands. It will also have a special nickname, dependant upon the part of the park it was downloaded in.

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