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How active is our community?

PWUK's general discussion starts here! This is where you can discuss just about anything! Just please remember children as young as 7 read these forums so nothing too obscene!

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It's in the title. Sorry to ask it's just I don't see a lot of post getting made, trading being done or even clubs being made. I thought being the UK Pokemon community we would be teaming with activity :cry:
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I agree =(
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To answer your question in depth:

Lil Jointos wrote:
I don't see a lot of post getting made

There has actually been a lot of activity recently, albeit confined to within a few threads, 16 Different Topics having at least 1 post in them over the past week alone. This number is often A LOT higher during various Tournament Seasons, New Releases or when something is to be discussed regarding this website or it's moderator-ship.

A good example of this is when VGC2013 was active, the "VGC2013; Ask a Simple question, Get a Simple answer" Thread was up, it had 20 replies in a short time, The general "VGC 2013 thread" had 12 and the "VGCS Winter Battles Discussion Thread" had 21.

Another example is the "X & Y General Thread" which has 23 Replies, "Favourite Gen 6 Pokemon" thread with 19 and the "Final Evolution Predictions for Starters" thread with 26 Replies.

Lil Jointos wrote:
trading being done

This is mainly due to the fact that the last trading occurred around early June due to the UK Pokemon VGC 2013 in Birmingham being held on the 4th. People were actively trading vgc-ready pokemon and performing services for other players (Like EV Training or Move Tutors) and since then, 4 Months it has been to the release of Pokemon X/Y. With said release, people are very busy playing through the actual games and learning some new mechanics.

Also while on the topic of Pokemon X/Y, The "Pokemon bank" app has not been released yet, which will allow people to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon B/W and B2/W2 to X/Y. Another reason is the lack of RNG. The RNG has not been figured out as of yet, therefore people do not have 'Perfect' pokemon to trade. Add to that, the fact that Pokemon Showdown/Pokemon online is fully updated with ALL Pokemon stats/movesets and game mechanic changes - You get a lot of uncertainty.

Another Important note is that the VGC 2014 Rules have NOT been released yet, therefore people aren't attempting to get high-stat pokemon yet for a team was we want to know the rules, to allow us to speculate ideas for our teams, from which we THEN get the pokemon by RNG/Breeding/Luck.

Lil Jointos wrote:
even clubs being made

On the subject of "clubs", it all depends what you define as a "club" itself.
This whole website as a whole is a "Club" in its own, where we gather to discuss Pokemon and enjoy ourselves.

As for irl "clubs", it is hard to do without funding/interest.

I hope this has cleared up some of your enquiries, if you wish to ask follow-up questions, feel free :)
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Unfortunately, it's not as active as I'd like it to be--however; I am extremely loyal.

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I agree with Chico, It gets a lot busier when an event is near, it was a little hard to keep up with!
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I agree that it is quiet when compared to the likes of other popular Pokemon forums (no free advertising here) but as a lifelong UK Pokemon fan, I like the fact that we have our own community however big or small it may be.
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To be honest, from being here, around Pokécharms, and a few other communities I'd say this is just how the Pokémon community on a whole works unless you're one of the bigger sites. The forums and site are a lot more active when things are happening in the series, when new games are revealed/coming, when tournaments are forth coming, and other such things. If nothing is happening then we have little to talk about unless we can get the general discussion boards to take off, which they haven't yet.

It'll grow in time, but yeah, mostly this seems to be how Pokémon communities work to me. xD

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If you ask me, yeah, having fewer people may mean that there is less to look at, but it makes everyone feel closer, in my opinion. Unlike another non-Pokémon forum I was on, there was over 10,000 members, which is fine and all, but here I feel more included, even if my posts don't get replied to as often as there.
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