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PWUK Tournaments Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the PWUK Tournaments Hall of Fame, where we commemorate the Champions of these grassroot tournaments, held in Manchester and London.

Manchester Tournament Winners:

Manchester #1, May 23rd, 2009: Christopher Barton (Havak)
Manchester #2, July 3rd, 2010: Jonathan Marie (Akiratron)
Manchester #3, November 6th, 2010: Reuben Baron (Tortipouss)
Manchester #4, July 21st, 2012: Daniel Nolan (Zog)
Manchester #5, April 13th, 2013 - Seniors: Richard Fairbrother (NidoRich)
Manchester #5, April 13th, 2013 - Juniors: Mark McQuillan (woopahking123)

London Tournament Winners:

London #1, October 9th, 2010: Minhaal Datoo (gec)
London #2, February 19th, 2011: Adrian Weclawski (Mastadi)
London #3, February 11th, 2012: Anant Patel (IceArceus12)
London #4, November 17th, 2012: Shaun Tysoe (foodking)

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