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Pokemon northampton tournament Story

Warstories from battles and events can be seen here! This is also the area to post your RMTs and the fellow veterans of pokémon battles here at PWUK will give you tips and advice on how to improve to become a pokémon master!

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PWUK Trainer Level 4

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So, i went to the northampton tournament today. I lost first round. but it was VERY close. The matches were best of three

I was against someone called Professorbirch. First game, i actually won (shocking i know). I managed to get his politoad poisoned so that helped a lot
Second game i lost badly, 4-0. I had nothing against mega blastoise or escavalier! damn
Third game went quickly, and was very close. It got to the point where it was my dragalge and mega scizor vs his politoad. Now, this was the last turn for me as...Perish song count was one! This was it. I used feint, then dragon pulse...Got his politoad to the yellow bar! Then turn ends, and i lost

But it was fun! I met a few people and made new friends!
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PWUK Trainer Level 14

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You did your best :) I didn't even have a full or properly prepared team ready on time thank to obtainable safari dottos to give me only one week in advance to prepare a team for the streetpass Leeds event. (Which I did non stop all week and STILL couldn't get ready on time!) Didn't meet anyone off any of the hardcore sites like this server. Although I did come across someone who has seen me at a I htikn the TCG nationals who knows 1 of the most skill full pokemon card competitors in the country (AKA sammi sekoum if that's how it's spelt again).Once again well done for trying and I'm glad you had fun too. :)
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PWUK Trainer Level 25

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Sad to hear about the loss, man! It was great meeting you, and Pr0fessor Birch ended up losing his 3rd place game 0-1.

Meanwhile I 4-0d him ;]
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