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Hello everybody!

Welcome to PWUK! :D Welcome yourself here for the community to get to know you. Include who referred you so they can get the recognition for it.

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My name's Stella,I'm 14 and I'm from Italy!
Yes,I'm not english but i speak it very well (I think) and I'm looking for some training,so...Now I'm here!
I'm a old fan of Pokemon,since I was 5-6,my first game was Pokemon Silver in english,because I bought it from a boy in a market. It was used and it costed about 4 or 5 euros with a Gamesboy Pocket (After 9 years,it still works)
After,I fell in love with Pokemon and I bought maybe all the videogames and I still play with each of them! :lol:
The only one I can't buy now is X&Y because I don't have enough money for it,but soon it will be mine :twisted:
Ok,now I want to speak a bit of me.
I'm in High School,in Italy we call it "Liceo" and I chose the scientific option (I have mare hours of maths and science,there's no hour of latin :D and there is the best subject in the world: informatic!).
I like High School,but some teachers are very evil!
In my free time I like playing guitar,programing computer,listening to Green Day (my favourite band) and cuddling my cat,Ninnolo.
Oh yes,I'm punk and next month,I'm dying with green my hair,will you want a pic? ;)
Ok,I finished,thanks for attention and see you around!


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PWUK Trainer Level 4

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Hi nice to meet you and welcome to Pokemonworld. Hope you have a good time here :)
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Pleasure to meet you! I'm Espeon/Cassius, pleasure to meet you Sir. ^.^

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Heya and welcome to PW! I hope you enjoy your time with us and if you need any help just message me or another member of staff. :)

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Welcome to PWUK!
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welcome to the community of the gaming capital of Europe! Feel free to use the chat whenever you want and check out the daily posts and enjoy mixing with the community!
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Welcome! Since no one else has said so, click the tab that says Union Room if you wanna chat, it gets busy around 7. (I'm not sure what time that would be in Italy!)

EDIT: Ooops, Alex did say come on to chat, I only just noticed!
I'm thinking of something witty to put here.....


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Welcome to the site SkyDust.

Its nice to meet a fellow Pokefan from across the pond. Looking forward to chatting with you on the forums. Have fun.
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Welcome to PWUK. I hope you have a good time here.
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Once again, I shall say Welcome similar to everyone else!

As stated, despite being from Italy you speak English very well! The only thing I could point out, Is to put a space between the "comma" and the next word :)
Other than that, FANTASTICO!

Weno formaggio, supplementé ananas. Per favore! That's a phrase I remember from from my travels to Italy one year :D

...Probably got some errors as I dont type Italian at all XD However, I can "parlez en francais au trés bien!" ;)
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PWUK Trainer Level 14

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Also since were so welcoming and excepting of having non English members on our site I'd just like to point out 2 more things
1. We have our grammar as "it cost me 5 or 6 euros" or "it is costing me too much money at the moment"
2. for us The UK currency is pounds with 100 pennies with would make one £1 coin so we won't understand Europeans currency that well hope that helps. :D
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