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Hello and looking for plush collectors!

Welcome to PWUK! :D Welcome yourself here for the community to get to know you. Include who referred you so they can get the recognition for it.

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Hey there guys!

I found this forum hoping to be able to contact some UK based plush collectors, i'm an artist and archivist based in Yorkshire and i'm interested in working with collectors on an exciting project next month in collaboration with arts council england! (Also i'm an avid fan and collector myself mainly of the pokémon editions of games consoles)

Would be great to hear from anyone with a collection large or small and I can give you an insight into the project! I will probably make a more detailed post in another section of the forum in a few days time but thought it would be nice to introduce myself first :)

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Hey, and welcome to PWUK! I know of a few members who live up north, unfortunately I'm not one of them -_-'

But it's great to see new people, do pop in whenever you feel like and contribute as much as you want! Have fun!
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